Kip Christensen - Springville, Utah




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Kip Christensen, PhD, is a Professor in the School of Technology at Brigham Young University. He has co-authored three books and co-produced eight instructional dvds about woodturning, and his work has been published in over two dozen books. He has been invited to give over 300 national and international presentations at workshops and symposia. Kip has a particular interest in woodturning education and is often involved in teaching turners techniques for instructing new turners.

 Demo titles and descriptions

Ten Projects Fast and Fun
This demonstration is the furious five, times two. 
 Kip will demonstrate how to turn ten projects that are fast to turn and fun to make.  In the process, he will show how to work with a variety of materials, chucking techniques, and tools.  This demonstration is particularly recommended for woodturning teachers, youth, and beginning-to-intermediate turners.

Principles and Practices of Clean Cutting

Kip will demonstrate several principles involved in producing a clean cut while turning wood.  He will also show simple yet effective techniques for developing muscle memory for making basic turning cuts.  The demonstration will combine information from two of his recent articles published in the American Woodturner (Journal of the American Association of Woodturners) including Ten Principles of Clean Cutting, and The Scales and Chords of Spindle Turning. This session will help beginning turners jump-start their skills, and help intermediate turners move to the next level more efficiently.

Turned Box with Double Inlay and Chatterwork

While showing how to turn an inlaid box with chatterwork, Kip will cover a variety of topics including, material selection, box design, preparing an inlay, rough turning and drying a box blank, finish turning a box, spigot design, fitting a lid, inserting an inlay, applying chatterwork, finishing the interior and exterior, and chucking methods.  (Intermediate level: This workshop would be for turners with some experience.)


Bracelet, Earring, and Earring Stand
Bracelets and earrings can be simple to turn with the use of good methods to secure the work while turning.  Kip will show how to quickly turn earrings using a unique mounting system developed by himself, and how to easily turn bracelets using a home-made chuck developed by Nelson Cassinger. He will also show how to make a modified version of the classic earring stand introduced by the late Keith Rowley in his book Keith Rowley’s Woodturning Projects.