Jason Clark - Algonquin, Illinois






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I’ve been turning for nearly 15 years and have been entirely self-taught. I was president of the Arizona Woodturners Association from 2012-2014 and was the local liaison for the 2014 AAW symposium in Phoenix. I have demonstrated at various clubs around the country and multiple symposia including the AAW national symposiums in 2015 and 2017. I now live and turn near Chicago Illinois.

Demo titles and descriptions

Saturn Bowl with Rotating Rings
I will demonstrate how to turn a small bowl with a wide flat ring using basic turning techniques. A very thin parting tool will then be used to cut the rings in a way that they are free to rotate but canot come apart.

Hollow Torus
A modified hollow form with a doughnut shape.
  The piece will be hollowed in one piece on the lathe using a different approach to hollowing due to the shape of the torus. I will also show a custom jig that can be used to vacuum chuck this unique shape with a hole in the center.

Multi-Axis with a Twist
A lidded box turned on a total of 4 axes to create a box with 3 faces each of which rotates 120 degrees along the length of the box.